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Cutting Out Weeds Masquito Control

Southeast Tree Care provides agricultural services for private land and rural municipalities, as well as other properties with vegetation that requires regular maintenance. These include the mining, water security and agricultural industries. We are certified applicators who catalogue and keep track of the noxious weeds we treat, Scentless chamomile, leafy spurge, and absinthe are a major problem on some plots of land. We work hard to thoroughly control the problem, and will continually provide the services you need in order to maintain optimal health of your land. Southeast Tree Care is currently working with environmental consultants to improve recovery of contaminated soils.

Other types of weeds we control include grassy and broadleaf, which are often found in crops. We manage invasive weeds such as ragweed, lambs quarters, crabgrass, and barnyard grass. We also take care of targeted weeds such as those that are found in conventional or organic production areas.

We specialize in working in rough terrains and make full use of GPS systems and mapping to thoroughly and efficiently treat your area. Contact Southeast Tree Care to learn more details about these services, or to schedule your agricultural management today.


Southeast Tree Care Office: 306-634-7348 | Cell: 306-421-3566
P.O. BOX 441, Estevan , SK S4A 2A4